Sinergia Business Development Limited was founded in 2013. (From 2021 Sinergia Business Development GmbH)

We provide consultancy services for companies and organisations in Italy and in Switzerland who wish to enter the Chinese market; Also help Chinese enterprisesto find potential investment targets and suppliers, e.g. on Medical, Hi-Techfield.

At the beginning of 2017, in addition to the above services, we included in our offer “Medical-Tourism”&“Wedding Planning” services in Italy and Switzerland.

Why I have resigned and founded the company?

The founder saw many Italian SMEs with special skills and cutting-edge technology, but they can not quickly adapt to the international competition and they also don’t have suitable people to develop the Asian or Chinese market; Many times these are resources that Chinese companies and investors are looking for.

At this point in time, the founder has accumulated different work experiences in Italy. She has a clear understanding of the difficulties and bottlenecks between Chinese and European partnership, therefore she decided to promote on Sino-Italian and Sino-Swiss projects.



Yaxi Yan studied and worked in Italy, currently living in Switzerland and in Italy.
* 2004/2005 worked in NARI Group, Nanjing.
* 2007 Master's degree (Economics and Management of Public Utilities.) in Bocconi University.
* ...
* 2016, settled in Switzerland , continues the business in Italy and develops a new network in Switzerland.

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*Business Strategy Support

Why: Chinese Market context and legislation are very different; correct communication...

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*Partner & Distributor Search

To find the partnership and to evaluate the potential and the concreteness of the proposal...

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*Public relation、Facilitator and Problem solving

The advanced products or services is only a good start; correct communication and Problem solving ...

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Switzerland, Aargau

China: Room 2132, Bank of Shanghai Tower,
168 Yincheng Zhong Road, Shanghai,